Experience your own Big Painting Challenge

The newly-launched BBC One’s The Big Painting Challenge – or as we fondly call it, the Great British Paint Off – follows 10 fresh painters as they compete to be Britain’s newest amateur artistic star.

It’s inspiring the nation to pick up their easels and brushes and let their creative spirits free. While the final episode of this year’s series has come and gone, you still have plenty of time to brush up on your skills before applying for the show’s next season.

Below, we have five of the best immersive painting holidays to prepare you for the big time.

Various subjects on the beach in the Greek Islands

Greek painting holiday

Spend a week on the Greek island of Kos painting landscapes, architecture, and colourful locals (including this cool cat) so you won’t be stumped by different subjects on the show.

‘En plein air’ painting in Languedoc, France

Paint in France

Surrounded by medieval streets in the charming French village of Laurens, your host Simon will share his top watercolour and sketching techniques during the week to help you improve your basics and advance to the next level.

Better basics in the mountains of Andalucia, Spain

Painting holiday in andalucia

Improve your tactical knowledge of lines, space, light, balance, weight, saturation, tone, shine, and colour on a painting retreat amidst the Spanish Pyrenees so you can impress the judges once you’re back in the UK.


Brush strokes and pencil lines in Paleros, Greece

Painting and drawing holiday in Greece

Half of the painting battle is having an outlined idea of what to paint. This painting and sketching holiday in Greece builds both your drawing and painting skills so that you’ll have the proper foundation to build upon for astounding art.

Romantic watercolours in Gascony, France

Painting holidays in Toulouse

Capture the stunning colours of the French countryside on the medium of your choice during a week-long break in Gascony.

With a painting holiday, you’ll find relaxed settings and helpful advice from professional painting hosts, versus the boot camp-style pressure of The Big Painting Challenge, so you can take advantage of practising in peace before your big debut.