Thinking about going on a horse riding holiday but hesitating because you are unsure what to wear or assume you have to spend all your hard earned money on buying all the expensive horse riding gear?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s our answer about what to wear on a horse riding holiday for beginners.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.


Wear boots with a sturdy heel. The heel should be at least 1 inch thick (and we don’t mean a kitten heel) as this will prevent you from slipping out of the stirrups. Therefore trainers are a no-no. Also avoid wellies that stick to the stirrups and shoes with buckles or bits that could get caught stirrups.




It will be best to wear long stretchy trousers such as thicker leggings or ‘jeggings’. Avoid wearing trousers with seams on the inside of the leg as it can lead to chafing. You don’t really want to be saddle-sore just because of the wrong trousers, do you? Seams at the outside of the legs are fine though, so don’t worry about them. And keep them tight. Trousers that are too loose can get caught in the saddle and who knows what that will lead to.  You might want to make sure your trousers are of a dark colour so you can’t see the friendly horse spittle on them.


You don’t need any special top, jackets or coats to ride as a beginner. Just make sure it’s comfortable for you. Also make sure you check the weather forecast and take clothes appropriate to the weather of the country you are visiting. Again avoid dangly bits that could get caught in the saddle.



Right, now you should be good to go.

All packed?

You’d better book a horse riding holiday now. Indulge your passion for horse riding here…