Trying something new may be on your New Year’s resolutions list, and the thought can be exciting – or just a bit overwhelming.

For those looking for an exciting new experience without the fear, but neither lacking in excitement, this horse riding holiday in Morocco may be just the new thing to jump start your new year.

It is packed with sights you will find nowhere else; from deserted sandy beaches to local fishing villages, to sleeping under vast starry skies, in addition to staying in a traditional Moroccan Riad. It can also be a rewarding new workout! If horse riding is something new to you, our horse riding holiday host, Sara, has answered some questions for us to put you at ease and help you prepare for this amazing adventure.

1. What is a best way for newcomers to get over any fear of horses?

The people who work in the stables are really professional and have lots of experience. They know their horses very well, and they will take the time you need to make you feel comfortable with your horse. If you go on the track and you feel insecure, your guide can put your horse in a line and control it for you while you build up confidence.

2. What should I pack for a horse riding holiday?

Long jeans (preferably a horse riding legging but normal jeans are also OK), lots of socks, comfortable shoes or boots, and sun cream. We will provide a helmet for you.

3.How is travelling in Morocco for a solo woman?

I’m a woman and often travel alone in Morocco. From my personal experience, I can tell you that Morocco is a really great country to travel through.

It is great to see that in just a few hours of travelling, you can find diversity throughout in this beautiful country with a whole new culture to explore. People are really helpful and friendly and will always give you a smile.

As for travelling as a woman, it is absolutely unnecessary to cover yourself, but I would not walk around in a mini skirt or a top that doesn’t cover your belly.

4. As a complete beginner, what can I expect from my holiday?

It is amazing to see the landscape from a different perspective. On a horse you can travel to places you can’t reach by car. You will see forests and long, wide, deserted beaches. When it comes to lunch, you will find the team making a fire to prepare a delicious local meal. You will not be disappointed – it is a magical time with like-minded people and a great social vibe!

5. What’s a typical day and evening like on your horse riding holiday?

You will be picked up and introduced to your guide and horse for the trip, and you’ll discuss the day’s itinerary. If you have sleepovers on the trek, you will sit down to a well-earned dinner, followed by an evening with the other riders relaxing around a bonfire and exchanging stories.

6. Is horse riding as a work out? Will I feel some results?

Yes! You will absolutely notice that you did some exercise after horse riding. It is not only the horse who is working out!

As a beginner, you will probably feel your inner thigh and core muscles being worked and  strengthened but I can tell you it is absolute worth it! It is a great workout that doesn’t require much thought or effort.

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