Holidays to take before school breaks up for every type of traveller

Before the beaches are overrun with families and your schedule is taken over by kids’ summer activities, use this last pre-school holiday time for a you-centric holiday.

Regardless the type of traveller you are, there’s a learning holiday experience out there to reset your mind before the summer madness begins.

Sun worshipper

Yoga in Fuerteventura

If nothing pleases you more than lying on a white sand beach, sipping mojitos, and topping up your tan, a holiday in the sun is your ticket to paradise.

A painting holiday in Greece ticks all of the boxes, plus lets your creative side roam free, while a yoga and Pilates holiday in Fuerteventura has you doing literal sun salutations on the beach — it doesn’t get any sunnier.

Water baby

underwater girl swimming

Perhaps you prefer to take to the waves and get salty during a holiday.

If the ocean speaks to you, a surfing holiday in the Canaries gets you swimming and catching the big ones in no time. Or, for a windier approach, kitesurfing or windsurfing in Spain or Portugal gives you the feeling of flying across the water.

Urban addict

Maybe you’re not looking to escape the fast-paced lifestyle, but simply want to experience it somewhere else. You love architecture, diversity, and wandering aimlessly down city streets in search of the best local flair.

Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of Seville on a flamenco dancing and Spanish weekend, or get stuck in the diversity and romantic spirit of Paris with wine and cheese tasting courses. Or jet over to beautiful Florence for some cooking classes and city exploration or join a language course in any major European metropolis.

Detox lover

detox drinks, fruit, and veg on table

You’re the type of person who desires a full-on reset to get through the hectic summer ahead, because you know that a balanced mind and body (and probably a break from digital) does you worlds of good. Plus, you want to maintain or start your healthy lifestyle.

If it’s your first time detoxing, a yoga holiday with an optional detox can ease you in, or you can go for a luxury alkaline detox and boot camp in Alicante for fitness and diet results. For a complete digital detox and an immersion in nature, an eco yoga retreat in Portugal sans wifi will heal your mind and body.

Nature enthusiast

photography and walking holiday

Gorgeous vistas, wildlife, sunsets, and natural wonders revitalise your spirit. Whether you’re in the mountains, along a coast, or climbing volcanoes, you’re happiest when in the wild.

For you, a walking or trekking holiday will have you gazing over incredible views and experiencing new surroundings ASAP. Alternatively, if walking isn’t your thing, you can get the same stunning sights via horseback.

Which of these types describes you?