Great work experience with GoLearnTo


In the midst of my year abroad in Italy I started giving a thought as to what jobs and careers I could do with my degree. Studying international relations with Spanish and Italian, I was still unsure about what type of job I would want to aspire to as I the only work experiences I’d had were low responsibility summer jobs or volunteering.

Whilst scrolling on the When you’re back/careers pages of, I came across Kirsty’s blog post about how she started working at GoLearnTo. She described with great accuracy the woes and difficulties of what most probably many of us students and graduates experience whilst searching for a job. I recognised myself in Kirsty’s blog as she explained how she desired to find a job which met her passion for travel as well as her knowledge for foreign languages. Reading her account of what her job was like at GoLearnTo, I couldn’t get over how great her job sounded like. Very excited, I decided to research  the company. After having an extensive look through GoLearnTo’s website and its mouth-watering holidays, I was convinced I had to apply straight away. One of the key aspects that drew me to the company was that NotInTheGuideBookssells holidays in which you discover a country and its culture as a local and not a tourist.

Now on the last day of my internship, I feel really sad to think it’s all over. Those four weeks have really flown by. The team was so welcoming, taking the time to explain every task I had to do. They treated me equally so I never felt left out. On the contrary to what would happen in many big companies, I was never at the bottom of the food chain. They gave me the independence and responsibility to carry out my tasks- which I felt very grateful for as I would not have had the same experience in other companies.

I have learnt a numerous amount of skills of which I will most definitely be using in the future. They stretch from IT skills which include editing information or updating the website with new holidays, promoting holidays on the Facebook page and twitter account, dealing with rates, blogging with WordPress, to more social skills which involve dealing with customer relations.

I have had a fantastic experience and I surely won’t forget it. This had given me a great insight into working in the tourism industry, an option I will most likely consider in the future. I would definitely encourage you to apply if you want boost your CV with valuable skills and have a great work experience with a lovely welcoming team!

A big thank you to all the team who made those four weeks so enjoyable!


PS: Thanks to Vanessa for asserting you don’t need to have done a masters to get a job! Yes, that’s for YOU mum and dad…