Go green on an eco-friendly holiday

Creative holidays spain (12)Eco-friendly holidays aren’t all about compost loos, bucket showers and having nowhere to plug in your hair dryer. Offering a brilliant balance between comfort and sustainability, many are rather luxurious, meaning you can have a relaxing Eco-friendly surf camp in Biarritzbreak smug in the knowledge you’ve done your bit for Mother Nature.

Take GoLearnTo’s paint safari painting holiday in Almeria. Those who stay in its specially-built guest house will be pleased to know that their stay is carbon neutral. The sun and wind power the house, rain water is harvested from the roof and any waste water irrigates the surrounding land.

Its owners haven’t compromised on comfort and style though and it features beautifully designed ensuite rooms and burning log fires.

GoLearnTo’s surf camp holiday in Biarritz is an equally comfortable and green affair. Built from natural, local materials, the lodges’ water is heated via solar powers. Everything is recycled and even the van used to transport guests to the area’s surf spots has a filter to limit its CO2 emissions.

These days, there are many different kinds of eco-friendly holidays out there which may include glamping, eating locally-sourced and seasonal foods, staying in luxury tree houses, wildlife watching, or even learning sustainable practices such as willow weaving or hen keeping.

Often people find that simplifying their accommodation and surroundings and going back to nature can have a hugely positive and relaxing impact on their lives.

As well as booking eco-friendly accommodation, there are other ways you can make your holiday greener.

Truffle hunting in UmbriaTaking a train instead of a plane can really shrink your carbon footprint. So if you are heading for Paris, taking the Eurostar instead of flying cuts CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

If you fancy staying in environmentally-aware tipis on GoLearnTo’s surf holiday in Bordeaux, crossing on the ferry and driving to the Côte d’Argent instead of flying will not only make for an awesome road trip but could also halve your carbon footprint.

Travelling by sleeper trains or coaches are also a great way to do your bit for future generations, while also enjoying beautiful scenery through the window.

Remember the simple ways you can help when travelling too. Don’t drop litter, recycle what you can and use sun lotions instead of sun oil to protect our oceans. When you reach your destination, you could try to cook using locally-sourced produce or take public transport instead of hiring a car.

If you do take the plane, note that the flush of a plane’s toilet apparently uses enough energy to run a car for 10km. So if you really care about the fate of the polar bears, try to go before you get on.