Fitness holidays – Are these for me?

So Beach RunDaunted by the prospect of a bootcamp holiday? Don’t be. They don’t all involve barking drill sergeants, cold swims and constant weigh-ins. While some fitness retreats are über-intense, many offered by aren’t and, instead, are tailor-made to meet your own fitness level and goals.

But just because they are a little less intense, it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve great results. Instead, you can choose a bootcamp with a fitness programme and meal plan that you will look forward to and allows you to exercise in ways that you enjoy.

If you are after a big and bold challenge, then the luxury bootcamp fitness retreat in Andalucia, Spain might be your thing. This energetic course involves climbing trees, barefoot running, creek swimming and open-air boxing sessions.

However, remember that you don’t have to engage in high-intensity cardiovascular exercise to do your body and health some good.


Those looking for a gentler boot camp break, some fresh air and great scenery might fancy a week-long yoga and walking holiday in Kalamata, Greece, which combines daily yoga sessions with guided walks.

Alternatively, a school in Bordeaux has found a way to drink wine and shed some pounds with a walking, weightloss and wine tasting holiday that combines healthy meals, invigorating guided walks and vineyard visits.

If you are looking for something in between, a fitness and wellbeing holiday in Thailand shatters bootcamp stereotypes by being based at an exclusive island spa resort. Guests can work at their own pace with a personalised programme that mixes one-on-one training with yoga, Pilates and fitness classes.


The luxury bootcamp and detox retreat in Alicante also provides an indulgent way to lose weight without tearing through mud or feeling out of your depth. Guests are encouraged to work towards their own goals in luxury with carefully-crafted meals, a great spa, massages and daily Pilates, yoga and circuit classes.

Proving that there is something for everyone, you can also sweat off the pounds Latino style with a Zumba bootcamp holiday in Perpignan. Ideal for all levels, this school’s bootcamp programme combines daily dancing with indoor and outdoor fitness sessions, healthy dining and cultural visits.

Whichever fitness retreat you choose, you’re bound to find uncompetitive people of varying fitness levels and encouraging (not terrifying) hosts, trainers and teachers. If your retreat involves classes, you can often also choose to take as many or as few of them as you wish.

With the prospect of losing weight, refreshing your mind, toning up, making new friends and indulging yourself in luxury (and sunny) surroundings, the benefits of fitness holidays are endless. So what are you waiting for? Kick-start your new healthy lifestyle with a week in the sun now.