Brittany – beaches seafood and sunny skies

Mussel_harvesting_cookery_holiday_beach_sea_viewThe dynamic coastline of Brittany stretches further than the eye can see. With a changeable climate that offers the equal likelihood of rainy skies or gorgeous sunny days, the surfers have hardened themselves to all weather conditions.

It’s not only surfers that you’ll find exploiting the shore. For generations the lifestyle of the celtic Bretons has been intertwined with the coming and going of the tides. Known for its cider and iconic crêpes, Brittany is also the land of shellfish. Mussels and oysters thrive in the shallow waters. Mussel_harvesting_cookery_holiday_windmill

Sea-sourced rock salt flavours the creamy, world famous butters of Northern France. Intrepid local sheep soldier hungrily on as the salt marshes are twice daily submerged by the sea, moving alongside the coming of the tide. Fishermen share the waters with dolphins, porpoises and leather back turtles and compete with the nifty Atlantic puffin.

With stunning walking locations and invigorating water sport activities, the opportunities are all in place for those who seek them. From lively point to point horse racing across the beach, to scorching bonfires nestled in the dunes, both tourists and locals can’t help but congregate at the sea’s edge.