Boot camps – can you expect to lose weight?

Fitness_and_bootcamp_holiday_Kenya_-_activities_martial_artsWeight loss varies greatly from person to person on boot camp holidays: you only have to watch one episode of The Biggest Loser to know that.

Many boot camps claim their average fat-buster goes home 10 pounds lighter after seven days, but how much you lose will be largely determined by the camp’s itinerary and meal regime, as well as your current weight, shape and fitness level. A lucky few may find they shed much more.

As with most things in life, you’ll get out of a boot camp exactly what you put in. If you want to significantly change your body shape in a short space of time and you obey the rules, a boot camp retreat is by far your best option.

Boot camp exercise generally involves circuit training with components of cardio, core strength and flexibility. Every exercise is designed to elevate your heart rate and this type of intensive aerobic interval training has been proven to really burn the calories.

On average, an hour of this type of exercise will use up 600 calories (that’s one margarita pizza, seven chocolate digestive biscuits, three and a half bowls of Special K or eight servings of tomato soup).

Studies show that you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat, which means it will take just under 6 hours of boot camp training. The math might sound demoralising but, remember, your boot camp stay could incorporate tens of hours of exercise.Weight_loss_retreat_Thailand_-_detox_drink

What’s more, these estimates don’t take into account other calorie reductions within your diet. Your boot camp break is likely to also include a special meal regime which, when combined with such high-intensity aerobic exercise, should really achieve results.

You may also have personal training sessions during your retreat or combine your circuit exercises with some Pilates or yoga. If this is the case, you will burn even more calories. A vigorous yoga session could use up another 450kcals per hour and even a beginner Pilates session could burn 250kcals.

Many people find they achieve far better results during a boot camp holiday than if they tried the same diet and exercise regime back home. And this isn’t just because boot camps are lead by barking wannabe drill sergeants (in fact not many are now).

Pilates_and_boot_camp_Murcia_-_walkBig results are often down to the camaraderie on the courses. With motivation and support from your boot camp buddies, you’ll be less likely to shrug off exercise or attack the biscuit tin. The sunshine often helps too.

Remember that your regime shouldn’t stop when you board the flight home. Boot camp is designed for short-term weight loss and is great if you want to kick-start a new lifestyle or slim up for a wedding or holiday. However, the pounds can go back on very easily.

On most of our fitness and weightloss holidays, you’ll receive a certain level of post-retreat support and be offered exercise and meal plan so you can continue the good work at home.