Alternative Christmas gift ideas for mums, dads and siblings

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Running out of interesting Christmas gift ideas? We’re here to help.

Holidays are popular Christmas gifts. They’re interesting, they’re fun, and everyone loves a holiday. To relax. To celebrate the year. To bond over a glass of wine while enjoying a view over the Mediterranean sea. This Christmas, give your loved ones a holiday that they will remember.

For Mum:

Mums do so many little things for us every day. Hardly even noticeable sometimes, but they make our lives run that much more smoothly.

So here’s the best for mum.

Pamper her with an Ayurvedic Yoga & Cooking Holiday in Puglia, Spain. Leave her in the hands of wonderful instructors and cooks in a stunning area we’ll return her recharged and rejuvenated.

Take her on a jewellery and cooking holiday in Toulouse, France. Make her some accessories with your own hands. Cook for her for a change.

For Dad:

For Dad, who’s always there. Who fixes everything when they’re broken. Or makes them better when they’re not.

Here are some great holidays for dad to have fun, to do something for himself.

Treat dad to a hearty French cooking and wine holiday in France. He would have fun learning classical French dishes from scratch. And he would absolutely adore the free flowing wine and Armagnac tasting.

Dad might also enjoy a photography holiday in Umbria, Italy. He would enjoy the spectacular landscapes and dramatic seascapes. He would proudly bring home stunning photographs to share with you. Just another of the million things that dad is good at.

For the siblings:

They can be annoying sometimes. But when it really matters, they’re your best friends.


Gift your sister a yoga holiday in the tranquil medieval village of Casperia, Italy, where she will experience the best of Italian life and relaxation.

She might like a Painting and wine tasting short break in the beautiful south west of France. (What do you think are the chances of my siblings seeing this? I should share this post on their Facebook walls, really.)


Your active brother would love this surf and SUP holiday in Portugal.

If he’s more musically inclined, send him on a flamenco guitar holiday in Seville, Spain. Because you know he’s dying to annoy you with his constant guitar playing when he gets home.


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