Activity holidays – get more from your travel

Horse_riding_in_Majorca_-_riding_on_the_beachFor those who want to do more on their holidays than top up their tans and read the entirety of Richard and Judy’s summer book list, offers a wealth of trips offering the chance to stay active, learn new skills and be enthralled by fresh experiences.

Alternatively, you could rejuvenate your mind and indulge your passion for Thai on a cooking and yoga holiday in Thailand or hablar espagnol and ride the waves at San Sebastian’s learn Spanish and surf school. You could even learn to paint and sail in Greece.For those who can’t bear to lie idle, there many that offer a combination of activities. For example, you could gallop through the hills by day and sample the offerings of local vineyards by night on’s horseriding and winetasting holiday in Bordeaux.


Many people find that learning a new skill, practising a favourite hobby or trying out a new sport is a great way to switch off. While you can easily fret about work and life from a sun lounger, can you check your Blackberry or worry about your ever-growing to-do list while rock climbing, jewellery making or learning to dance?

Plus, those holidaying solo needn’t dread the downtime either. With many solo travellers booking’s holidays, travellers quickly find like-minded people to get to know during meals, drinks and free time.

So this holiday, return home with more than empty sun cream bottles and a bag of dirty washing. Awaken your sense of adventure, escape the mundane and learn a new skill. Whichever activity-packed holiday you choose, make it one you will never forget.