5 Reasons why a learning holiday should be on your bucket list

Spanish and yoga 1 week.

1. Encouragement 

Going on a learning holiday means that you will be surrounded by people that really encourage you to really go for what you always wanted to try. Even if you are unsure about trying something new like surfing or nervous about your first riding lesson, try it. Our holidays ensure you will have the best guidance and all those nerves will feel minor with having a good group of people around you that feel the same and encourage you to go even further than you have thought!

 2. Making a change in life

Our learning holidays are the best way to experience something new and getting away from the norm. Instead of lying on the beach the whole day, you will get to learn new skills from local people like learning a new language, master a cuisine or immerse in yoga, dance, surf and much more. Most people are always keen to develop themselves and combine lessons with leisure really makes a holiday with a difference – when you return home, you will have learned new skills that stay with you forever.

 3. Meeting new people

Learning holidays make a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, who share the same passion about learning a new skill as you are. Meet Inspiring, inquisitive people with enthusiasm and determination to learn new things – people of all ages and nationalities who refused to be boxed in.

 4. Great holidays for singles

Singles holidays continue to grow in popularity as the perfect way for singles to participate in activities that they aspire to be involved in. Being on holiday with people who share similar interests and are eager to take part in particular activities can create a magical holiday experience. If you are bored of the usual singles holidays, come join us. Let’s change the world of singles holidays forever.

 5. Slow down and escape the tourist trail

Today’s travellers demand “real” experiences – from immersion into local cultures, to hidden secrets of the destination – they want genuine experiences and be involved in locally inspired activities. Our destinations promise you will really get to know the culture and traditions of the region far apart from tourist crowds. Our holidays are all about a less hectic pace of life, so why not slow things down and see the world in a different way.