Surf Portugal, France, Spain or anywhere as long as I can surf…

Ask anyone who surfs why they surf and they will give you their own individual answer. ‘Because it’s fun’, ‘its cool’, ‘I’m an adrenaline junkie’, ‘I love extreme sports’, ‘surfing is my life’ or even simply ‘I like to get wet’!

For some, surfing is their life and to others it is something they like to do on holiday. Whatever your reasons for surfing, there is simply nothing else like it. It is one of few sports that’s completely natural and uses the power of nature.

If you are looking for action and adrenaline on your next holiday then look no further – surfing is great fun and that’s the bottom line.

The best way to start surfing is to be lucky enough to be born next to the ocean with great year round waves but for the rest of us, taking surfing lessons is the only way to get to quickly grips with this exhilarating sport.

Becoming a goodSurfing at dusk surfer takes a lot of practice and you’ll lose count of how many times you’ll fall off your board but practice and some tips from an expert instructor can make the difference of spending the week swimming or experiencing the thrill of getting up on your board for the first time and shouting ‘awesome’ in your best surfer accent.

First things first, as you hit the beach for the first time, check your surf board is waxed as you don’t want to fall off as you get to your feet for the first time and girls – you might want to wax your legs to look good in those cute board shorts. Next thing to check is if your leash is attached to your back leg as you don’t want to lose that beautiful board and have to pay the surf school for loss of equipment.

From there it’s over to the surf schools for your next lesson. All of our surf holidays are run by highly qualified surf instructors who use the latest equipment from quality brands so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands for your surf course.

Go surfing in Portugal, surf in Biarritz, hang out at our eco friendly surf camp in Seignosse near Hossegar, try surfing in Lanzarote, hit the Canaries for surfing in Fuerteventura or go further afield and surf in Costa Rica or Brazil.  See all of our surfing holidays now.

Whatever you do, if you crave adrenaline then this is the sport for you. Make 2009 the year you try surfing and work on your answer to the question of why you surf….