Weight loss holiday with a difference

Yoga garden - Taras retreat

GoLearnTo.com have introduced an innovative weight loss holiday where you don’t focus on starving yourself, dieting and food but instead take an holistic approach to your health and wellbeing to make a positive change to your weight for the long term.

The programme runs 4 times a year and is a wonderful combination of Pilates, yoga and weight loss coaching over the course of a week. But you are not alone when you get back home, you’ll also recieve 3 weeks of follow up support and coaching to help you on a path to healthy eating when back in your day to day environment.

The course will help you to alter the way you view dieting, food and exercise to motivate you to make permanent and sustainable changes in your lifestyle and learn how to stick to them.

Set in a tranquil Spanish country house in the countryside of Murcia which used to be the local village school, surrounded by rolling hills and mountains, this is the perfect location to relax and really immerse yourself in the life-changing program.

Your experienced instructor will gently guide you through the motivational plan in a calming and appropriate environment, and you will also receive 21 days of support, advice and encouragement once you have returned home, so this really is a great course if you are not just looking for initial results but want to maintain these changes to your body and soul in the long term.

You will be encouraged to uncover your inner self through daily journal writing and coaching, and daily consultations on your relationship with food which will result in you losing weight due to a healthier attitude towards your diet. Specific yoga and Pilates exercises teach you how to relax and reflect, while meditation and therapy sessions introduce self-discipline that can be applied to other aspects of life.

Your course instructor has extensive yoga and Pilates experience and has hand selected exercises to help you to get the most out of your development plan, whilst providing personalised and individual attention during your stay. She will create a tailored eating plan for you which can be easily maintained after your stay at the retreat.

This is not a crash diet plan, this is a complete change of attitude to food and wellbeing and through gentle exercise, detox and a nutritious diet you will achieve a healthier state of being in an encouraging and motivating environment and results that will last a lifetime.

The course is priced at £1180 for a lifetime of positive change.

To see more details, pictures and to read more, visit www.GoLearnTo.com or click here: Weight loss holidays