Unhealthy interest in travel? Come join us…

The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of lifeYou have an unhealthy interest in travel. You want to experience the pace of life in a lively, fast moving young business. This is the internship for you.

We’re an entrepreneurial travel company with big ideas and all the adventures that brings. We’re also a fast-growing real business, working with real guests and tutors. We sell innovative learning holidays globally where you can go learn to cook, surf, make perfume, ride horses, take photographs, practice yoga, Pilates, and even fight like a gladiator (and more!).

If you want to change the travel world, you’ve come to the right place. We are doing it every day. We are creating something new in the travel industry. Join us and find out why.

You will never be bored. We sell amazing holidays and that requires amazing interns. Interns who are determined, creative, thoughtful to a fault and yet extremely practical.

General intern

You’ll get involved in how the holidays are displayed on the website, how inventory is managed, supporting our sales team in communicating with guests and tutors, measuring sales conversion and website visits and gathering customer feedback to get a rounded view of the business – it’s not just about answering a phone and don’t worry, there’s no boring photocopying and no dull reception work.

Marketing intern

You’ll be our marketing and PR manager’s right-hand man or woman. You’ll get involved in our social media strategy and execution, help get our message out to journalists, work on campaigns with national magazine groups, produce content that would make a SEO manager weep with joy, write press releases, get us nominated for awards and manage the images across all our channels.

It’s not the done thing to boast so you won’t find us crowing about how much our interns get out their time with us. We prefer to let our interns do the talking…

The practical stuff?

Location: Kentish Town, NW5 London

Terms: Voluntary, minimum 4 weeks, ideally we are looking for people to stay 6 weeks or longer

Start date: come soon, we’re waiting

To apply: email [email protected]


Send us evidence that you ‘get’ our brand and you are bursting with ideas.

1. Send us 5 images that fit our brand

2. Write up to 250 words for our blog on your choice of:

a) Why would you go on a learning holiday

b) Your best trip ever (include a title and remember to stay ‘on brand’ and in our tone of voice)

3. Tell us why you are right for the internship

Please include the dates you are available for and how long you can stay.

As they say, don’t call us, we’ll call you once we have your application and if you fit the bill.


Is this you? It looks like you if:

  • You have an unhealthy interest in travel
  • You are positively bursting with creative ideas
  • You have a confident yet charming telephone manner
  • You ‘get’ our brand and can write in our tone of voice
  • You always, always think about the customer first
  • You can spot a picture that says more than words at 100 paces
  • You are aching for the chance to get your ideas heard
  • You love tea
  • You have more energy than the Duracell bunny
  • Your attention to detail is verging on the OCD