Truffle festival in Tuscany

Cooking-Umbria-Truffle hunting with dogPerfect for food lovers looking for an Autumn break is this wonderful truffle festival in the heart of Tuscany.

The San Miniato National White Truffle Market – Last Three Weeks of November

San Miniato, a small town between Florence and Pisa, is one of the most productive truffle-rich areas in Europe. The white truffle (which is usually pale ochre in colour) is the most valuable type known and is found only in the San Miniato Hills. This kind of fungus cannot be cultivated and is known as ‘the white gold of San Miniato’ due to its very high value.

The truffles are found a few centimetres underground and can only be found in very limited areas favoured by nature for the particular, almost mysterious, combination of forest fauna and geological substratum.

The San Miniato National White Truffle Market is held every year during the last three weeks of November. It is an important, internationally recognised fair that hosts many gastronomic and cultural events. Apart from selling fresh truffles in various parts of the historical centre of San Miniato, the fair hosts stalls and markets where people can eat, drink and find all types of Tuscan products.

The San Miniato market ensures that only good quality truffles are sold, controlled by the vigilant eye of the Truffle Association.

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