Travel agents are failing to satisfy their customers

Travelling's not something you're good at. It's something you do. Like breathingAccording to ABTA’s latest Consumer Holiday Trends Report, although consumers agree that booking with a travel professional brings them convenience, fewer people believe that it will give them a better holiday.

In the survey with more than 2000 respondents, 52% agreed that travel experts can save them time, 44% said experts save them money and 55% said experts make booking easier.

But the same survey revealed that only a shocking 23% of customers believe that travel professionals know what they like. And 25% have better holiday experiences when they book through an agent.

That’s sacrilegious.

Travel “professionals” should not be there just for the booking and throw you into the Mediterranean sea (or whichever sea you’ll be near) to fend for yourself. Unprofessional. A proper travel agent gives you a holistic experience from start to finish.

A holiday has to be right

“Booking a holiday is an emotional experience; it’s not a commodity product. It’s your precious leave, it’s your savings, it’s your chance to get a break and it has to be right,” says Vanessa Lenssen, founder and CEO of learning holiday specialists

At, we have so many holidays to choose from that providing personalized service is the core of what our experts do. Looking for a rustic experience? Crave luxurious indulgence? Like dogs? Don’t like children? Our experts have the perfect holiday to share. Before being let anywhere near our phones, our travel experts are rigorously trained in product knowledge and suitability, down to the smallest details.

“Despite our push to instant self-service, booking a holiday is still about a personalised experience,” Lenssen explains. While you may be greeted with automatic computerised recommendations at other online travel websites, a (human) travel expert who actually cares about you and your holiday sits at the other side of each chat screen you initiate on the website.

A holistic experience from start to finish

With our emphasis on service comes the promise to provide a holistic experience from start to finish. Let some of the lucky 25% tell you what it’s like when your travel agent is there for you every step of the way.

Step 1: Booking

“The booking process was easy and staff very friendly when I called the office.” – J Gatehouse, who went on our yoga holiday in Turkey.

“The booking process was very easy and the staff were very friendly and efficient in responding various questions, and looked into different options for me.” – J Fahrmann on her open water scuba diving holiday in Dahab, Egypt.

But this one’s easy. Most travel professionals can do this.

Taking it to the next level, our travel experts are easily available. Chat with us on our website. Call us. Email us. Tell us what you like. We want to know.

Like you, we want you to have the best possible holiday.

Step 2: Post-booking anticipation

We stay in touch to ensure that customers are completely at ease. With around 80% of our guests travelling solo, this additional assurance is especially welcome.

“After booking I received direct and friendly emails from the supplier as well, which put me at ease – it was a seamless process.” – Sue from Surrey, who enjoyed a relaxing yoga holiday in Fuerteventura.

Step 3: Enjoying the holiday experience

We’ve handed you into the care of our carefully-selected partners. But we’re still on hand if you ever feel you need us.

“I found your team responded quickly and informatively.” – Kate from London, who recently went on our yoga and horseriding holiday in Casperia, Italy.

Step 4: Sharing about your holiday

We want to hear all about it, even after you’re home. That’s how much we want you to have the most amazing holiday experience possible.

Expect an email asking for feedback on our website. Maybe even a call from nosy us, excited to find out more. Every satisfied customer sends smiles all around the office.

Misstep: Unforeseen circumstances

Even when not everything goes according to plan, we’ll fix it.

“Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, my course had to be cancelled. The staff was very, very helpful and did their best to find suitable solutions.” – M Vanhyfte-Ferry on her Dutch home language course in Amsterdam.


We’re on hand to provide support every step of the way. Because agents should not only be concerned with booking. Because that’s what your dream holiday should be like. We handle the planning, you handle the amazing experience.

Join us. Be the 26th%. Contact us – you’ll love the experience.