The sky’s the limit… Explain the concept to my Dad

I recorded a short interview yesterday with Kevin May from Travolution who have a regular podcast as part of their multi-media offering.

The feature is titled ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ and each week features a new company with a big idea. Kevin May kindly asked to feature this month.

I was asked a series of short questions but my favourite had to be… ‘Explain the concept to my Dad’. Having tried to explain NotInTheGuideBooksto my own Dad several times, I was well practised!

My Dad is a recent adopter of the web, he loves to shout at his laptop if it is not completely obvious how to navigate a website so his feedback on the NotInTheGuideBookswebsite was invaluable. I knew if my Dad could find a holiday course and book on our website then pretty much anyone could.

We have recently added new ‘share functionality’ allowing our customers to email their favourite courses to their friends or post the page to facebook, myspace,, twitter and more. It’s a fantastic way of sharing your holiday plans with your friends or making suggestions of what holiday courses to take and is definitely popular with our customers but sadly not with my Dad.

He’s pretty adamant that if you can find what you want and book it easily online then why bother with all of the ‘extras’, he sees them as a distraction and maybe he has a point which is why I do listen to my Dad but also to our customers to ensure we have a simple, easy to navigate and book website, we are keen on the extras but we don’t force the customer to use them hopefully keeping everyone happy.

To take a look for yourself, visit and click on the bookmark link below if (unlike my dad) you want to share this page with your friends…