Out of the kitchen into the open air for a ‘Taste Festival’

Well, it’s been an eventful day today in London for the www.GoLearnTo.com team. Taste festivals ‘Taste of London’ kicked off today in London’s Regents Park for a day dedicated to indulging your passion for all things culinary and GoLearnTo.com didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell all those food enthusiasts about their range of amazing cookery holidays.

Things started well when the gates opened at noon and hungry visitors poured in looking for something to tantalise their taste buds but things didn’t run so smoothly for the evening guests. There was an ‘incident’ in the park, some say a bomb threat, some say the squirrels ate all the nuts and free mini meals. Whatever it was there were a few fire engines, ambulance and a lot of hanging around but the amazing GoLearnTo.com team kept the hopeful visitors occupied as they enthused about our amazing range of cookery holidays letting the crowds dream of learning to cook Tapas in Andalucia, Pizza and Pasta in Italy and rich French classics in France.

And, after just over an hour waiting with mouths watering, the gates finally opened for the evening session. Let’s hope Friday goes without a hitch and if you see the GoLearnTo.com girls around be sure to ask them about cookery courses with a fantastic exclusive discount (get them to whisper you the special promotion code) for all Taste festival visitors.

If you’d like to indulge your passion for all things culinary but couldn’t make it to the Taste of London event, then why not take a look at GoLearnTo.com’s range of great value cookery courses in Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Portugal & more for some inspiration for your next foodie break. Don’t just watch Masterchef – why not combine lessons with leisure and learn the cooking skills for yourself?

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