Why our new destination of Ericeira is the go-to spot for surfing

Ericeira, Portugal – have you ever heard of it? Probably not. But what if we were to tell you that this unassuming town has been dubbed as Europe’s surf Mecca due to their title of being a World Surfing Reserve? The first of its kind in Europe and the second in the world. That’s quite the title, isn’t it?

But Ericeira, located just a mere 30 minutes from Lisbon airport, is not only a surf destination, it’s also the perfect place to visit night markets, explore nightlife and try out other water sports and activities.

So a pretty good place for our new sports holiday host to be based…

The five Ws

What? Surf, or the combination of surf and yoga or SUP

Who? Owner Steve (from England) and his international team

Where? Ericeira, Portugal

When? From June to the end of October

Why? Learn to surf in a world-renowned spot while you stay in a comfortable & sociable surf house

Surf, yoga and SUP holidays

Men high fiving holding surf boards on the beach

We have plenty of people who love the combination of surf and yoga, as the 2 complement each other really well as a fun physical workout followed by a good stretch to soothe and strengthen your muscles after a day in the water.

women hanging from ceiling in yoga pose in studio

Aerial yoga class

However, this new surf school in Ericeira has shaken things up and made things really interesting with the addition of aerial yoga and SUP to try while you’re there!

To get into the spirit, there are weekly BBQs with sangria, outdoor movie nights, wine tasting tours, horse riding and cultural tours that you can add to make your holiday extra special. If you need a time out, you can also add on some well earned massages.

Only a ten minute walk from the beaches and the town, there are plenty of restaurants, shops and bars to try out throughout the week, and plenty of free time to spend your holiday the way you want to spend it, and plenty of options for every budget.

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