My business is to learn

NathanLearning is a passion for me, so when I had the opportunity to Intern at I jumped at the opportunity. Not only is it a fast growing business that I feel provides fun and quintessential learning, it was founded by someone that has a wealth of experience in the travel industry.

On my first day I was sat at the work station next to the inspirational founder of This was perfect for me, as I had many questions to ask, to fuel my intrigue about as a business. At the end of my first day I could not stop smiling due to the welcoming and vibrant attitude of the team.

I was given a project to work on while I was interning. The main aim of this project was to increase the marketing of the cooking course. This was perfect for me as I am planning to start a business that involves learning how to cook. Throughout the project I completed a variety of tasks, ranging from e-mailing suppliers all over the world to editing and creating online advertising material. I was given the freedom to put my own stamp on the project without ever feeling alone as I always had support from the team anytime I needed.

As my last day was pending I started to think about the experience I had in the past few weeks more and more. One of the things that stuck out to me was the fact that the team was so welcoming and seemed to be able to make me smile every day. This allowed me to really appreciate the value of a good work environment. Without a doubt I feel that I have gained some invaluable knowledge of business and the travel industry from interning at GoLearnTo.