Marketing internship at NotInTheGuideBooks- an insider’s perspective


Mix in the following ingredients: a cosy little office in a side street of North West London, a passionate and hard working team full of travel enthusiasts, an abundance of exciting social media, PR and blogging tasks and an overload of cups of tea. You now have the ingredients to the recipe for my marketing internship at

After having visited ten different countries during my year abroad, travelling soon became second nature and the thought of returning to my home in London for the summer was both a comforting thought, but also a very daunting one as I had just completed the most exciting year of my life and it was all sadly coming to an end…

Cue hastily searching every page of the internet to find the perfect internship related to travel and tourism.

After seeing many internship ads, I stumbled upon the internship opportunity at, and knew it was a winner right from the start (who wouldn’t want to intern at a place where loving cakes and cups of tea is part of the job requirements?!)

It has been a great six weeks learning all about digital marketing, PR, the travel and tourism industry, as well as helping with the launch of an exciting new project (watch this space for more updates later this year). Interning somewhere where my love for travel and exploring different cultures is valued has been such a delight and I am leaving with a whole load of new skills, including the ability to type emails faster than lightening and the dangerous power of using my words to persuade people to go on a learning holiday.

If you’re looking for a unique experience where your opinion counts, your interest in travel is appreciated and your desire to learn is satisfied, has an office desk and a mug of tea waiting for you!