Making things happen – my internship with

RachelI am currently on a gap year before going to university and have just finished my 9 week internship with For me, it was a fantastic decision because I have gained experience and skills as well as finding myself inspired and focussed to take on the world after I return home.

I’m a country girl born and raised. I grew up in a tiny village surrounded by rolling hills and woodland and though I love my home I felt like my pond was getting too small. It’s been a great experience spending a couple of months living in London, and has made me appreciate home as well as giving me the opportunity to try out a different, more exciting lifestyle.

During this internship I have been given increasingly more responsibility. On a regular basis I carried out admin and general tasks to ensure that everything ran smoothly. I have also written blog posts and website content. It has been very useful to receive detailed feedback of my writing which has really helped me to develop in style and confidence. I have also confirmed my suspicions that my high school ICT lessons were a waste of my time. After a couple of weeks in an office environment I have learnt more about the elusive spread sheet, website management and general ICT skills than I did throughout my school career.

Back home, with my structured school days behind me, I had lost a clear sense of direction. Spending time working with like-minded people has helped me to shake this feeling of uncertainty. Since being here I have planned two big trips abroad, in South America and in Europe as well as a host of classes and activities that I want to get involved in when I’m home. From languages to sports to creativity, being in this environment has made me stop thinking about all the things I ‘might’ do or ‘would like’ to do; I’m going to make things happen.

On my return home I will stay in contact with the NotInTheGuideBooksteam. Vanessa is a great source of advice and knowledge and has encouraged me to demand more from life. I feel like I’ve been part of this office for years, with my co-workers all being genuine, warm and welcoming and I really do feel that I am parting with skills and experience that will set me apart in the job market.