How to live like Santa Claus

santas clausCountdown to Christmas: 4 weeks

We think Santa Claus has got it pretty good; milk and cookies on tap, reindeer, and a flying slay. So here’s three easy steps/ exciting holidays on how to live the St Nicholas dream.

1)      Be good with animals.
This horse riding and wine tasting holiday in Bordeaux is just the thing. Margaretha will teach you how to communicate with horses as personalities, which could probably be applied to reindeer as well. Then you could persuade them to run so quickly that they take off into the night sky.

2)      Be good at flying.
Learn at this kite surfing holiday in Essaouira, Morocco. FrGourmet_cookery_holiday_Loire_Valley_iced_cassis_souffleom the moment you launch your first kite and feel the power of the wind, you will be hooked.

3)      And then, you have to grow a belly.
Cook non-stop for a week on a cookery holiday of your choice. Enjoy the delicious food. For optimal effects, pick a cooking holiday where the wine flows freely.

If it doesn’t go exactly as planned, at least you’ll have learned 3 new skills by the end of it.

We might have missed something out. Visit for more ideas.