Learning and activity holidays give solo travel a facelift

Forget big bus tours, forced bonding excursions, and annoying single supplements. The old notion of solo travel is out, as learning and activity experiences deliver fresh, innovative, and exciting antidotes to the stale singles holiday market.

With adventure travel now overtaking luxury and romantic travel, the number of solo travellers looking for new experiences continues to rise. Meanwhile, a shortage of active holidays that aren’t pre-packaged, big bus tours means options are limited.

Luckily, learning and activity holidays are dishing up the answer, with refreshing, original ways to meet like-minded people, try new things, and avoid the traditional package mindset. Connect with local hosts and immerse yourself in the culture of a new location… all without the awkward group introductions and strict daily schedules.

From learning Spanish and flamenco in Seville to cooking with a Michelin-star chef in France to practising yoga and surfing in Morocco, you can enjoy the freedom of solo travel wrapped up with a new experience.

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