Learn with me at Golearnto – intern’s perspective

As a recent graduate with a tourism degree and not much experience there was only one problem for me, I did not have much chance with companies as I did not hold any relevant travel experience. Given the opportunity to intern at NotInTheGuideBookswas an eye opener and I could say a life changing decision! Just let me tell you why…

cindyWhen you first step into the office there is a warm and friendly welcoming by all the staff at GoLearnTo. Thrown in at the deep end you are briefed at what daily tasks and activities you will need to be doing and don’t worry, not every two days is the same as there is no paper filing nor printing and stapling.

So what makes an internship here different? Well for starters free tea!! Which person does not like to enjoy a nice cup of tea at work after a hectic journey through the morning rush hour? I mean I wouldn’t. Hold your horses now, not only the free tea and other hot beverage they offer made it a exciting place to work but if you are like me; a ask a question freak, then do not fear! The team are an amazing group of people who are happy and willing to explain things to you over and over again. Just to top it off who does not like a bit of gossip during the day? Whilst you’re working Vanessa, Sally, Jane or Claire usually comes in from lunch and has a story to tell about the crazy lady or person in Kentish Town doing absolutely weird stuff (my explanation is not justified, just wait till you hear them!).

I will definitely not forget my time here and this opportunity has changed my views on working within the travel industry and looking forward to applying to similar jobs. I would definitely recommend doing a internship at NotInTheGuideBooksas it is a real eye opener for someone who has a passion for travel and would like to start a career in the travel industry.