Go to learn – what’s in a name?

What’s in a name.

So here’s the thing.  Over the years I’ve come to accept that Go To Learn rolls off the tongue more easily than Go Learn To.  I no longer grit my teeth when people refer to us as Go To Learn. I just calmly say Go Learn To and pause while the person says yes, that’s what I said ‘Go To Learn’.  And it was smiles all round today when a guest asked us if we’d recently changed our name to Go Learn To as he’d been telling everyone about this great company called Go To Learn for years after he’d been on one of our cookery breaks.

If you say ‘go learn to cook’ or ‘go learn to surf’ it works just fine. Much better than go to learn cook. Or, go to learn surf. I think, don’t you?

Whatever is gramatically correct, the URL for gotolearn.com wasn’t and still isn’t available so golearnto.com it is.  That’s Go Learn To dot com. Remember it. The holidays last a lifetime, even if the name doesn’t (yet). Really.

Maybe it’s me.

My baby girl is called Juno. I was telling a small girl in the park the other day what her name was and she said back to me… ‘no I don’t know’ what is her name? I repeated ‘Juno’ and small girl got annoyed and shouted ‘I just said I didn’t know, now tell me what her name is.’

Yep, must be me.