Go learn to work in the travel industry

diving‘Go learn to’ work in the travel industry….

And that is exactly what I have done.

Scrolling through the endless ads on enternships.com, a hotbed for work placements with new and exciting entrepreneurial companies, my eyes fell upon the words ‘Passion for Travel and Marketing?’ and that was it, NotInTheGuidBooks.com had the internship for me.

I was so excited to be offered five weeks with Vanessa and the lovely NotInTheGuideBooksteam and arrived on the doorstep one sunny July morning, eager to get stuck in and find out the secrets behind running such a successful and innovative internet company.

My first week flew by in a colourful blur and before I knew it was time for me to jet off to Central America for a month to, in the true spirit of GoLearnTo.com, learn to scuba dive! – yes, that is me in the photo with the silly mask…

I returned from my trip with something that vaguely resembled a tan and a healthy dose of jet lag but still could not wait to get back to the GoLearnTo office. It felt like I had never been away. In no time at all I was on the phone to suppliers and clients all over the world, writing pieces for the website, and spending my days searching through amazing photos of everything from beautiful Moroccan deserts to exotic Costa Rican beaches – definitely my kind of work!

As I now look back on my time with GoLearnTo, I could not be happier about the skills that I have learnt and the insight I have had into the vibrant world of the travel industry. From e-mails, phone calls and photos, to flyering at the Retirement Show and attending a training seminar at STA (how different can you get?!), the NotInTheGuideBooksteam have let me try my hand at everything and I have loved every minute of it.

GoLearnTo has exceeded all of my expectations and I can’t thank Vanessa and the rest of the team enough for giving me such a worthwhile, professional, and above all FUN insight into the travel industry. I am leaving here with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and confidence that I couldn’t have got anywhere else – after all, if I can call up and speak to people from the four corners of the world I can do anything, right?