Confessions of an intern

IMG_0261Whoever said that time is the only resource in the world that is equally distributed is a liar.
A diplomatic one. But still.

Take it from the Scandi whose 12 weeks in London’s most Travel and Tea fanatic office has flown by in the speed of light. Surely it can’t be December already?!

But as George Michael and Mariah Carey take turns in harassing the office radio with Christmas tunes, I guess that it must be the end of my marketing internship at after all… So let me brief you on my time here!

Cups of tea consumed: 237. If not more.
Cups of coffee consumed: 0 (Yes, my fellow coffee crazy Swedes, you heard me! It’s been an… interesting… experiment)
Excel spread sheets per day: 12
Images I’ve pinned to GoLearnTo’s Pinterest boards: 692
Severe pasta/red wine/gelato cravings after coming across yet another Italian cooking holiday during working hours: 314
Mentions of social media per day: 78
Number of inspiring bosses/CEOs/twin mothers in the office: 1
Pub conversations with the sentence “Please-explain-learning-holiday-again-I-didn’t-quite-get-it-the-first-time”: 26
Number of learning holidays that I Absolutely Just Have to Take Next Year: ?
Let’s just say that I would have to cut down significantly on sleeping hours for it to be feasible.

… But to be perfectly honest, who wouldn’t settle for a sleepless July (naturally provided there is coffee) if it meant that they could spend more time cooking and sipping wine on the Tuscan countryside? And before you ask – I’m NOT sponsored by the Italian Tourism Board, I just have a crush on the damn boot.

To quote the Italians, I’ve had a very grande momento trying to inspire people (and inevitably myself) to go on a learning holiday, and have discovered a fascinating industry. So to the NotInTheGuideBooksteam – GRAZIE MILLE!