As an intern I would recommend NotInTheGuideBooksin a heartbeat

It was the start of my addiction: a summer trip to catch the midnight sun – hiking through forests, bathing in lakes, and stealing rides along fjords. The stark Nordic landscape: mind-expanding, frustrating, enriching, and transfiguring. The many trips since then have left me with a larger consciousness, a shrunken wallet, and an unhealthy reliance on peanut butter and bread for sustenance.

Given my worrying wanderlust, GoLearnTo was the natural choice. I was concerned that “intern” was actually a synonym for “coffee-maker”, but thankfully, not a roasted bean was in sight. I was involved in everything from maintaining the website to communicating with holiday suppliers, and it was always great to see blogpic4joshthe glowing reviews left behind by holiday-makers.

Of course, there were always the peculiarities that come with each office environment. From the incredible amount of tea-drinking, to the fact that I was the only male among seven women (the rose among the thorns, I should add), to the radio stations conspiring to play cheesy music, it was an experience that I won’t soon forget.

The GoLearnTo team is amazing, and Vanessa has definitely inspired me with her achievements. For anyone looking to get a glimpse of the travel industry and be involved in a growing, vibrant business, I would recommend NotInTheGuideBooksin a heartbeat. What’s more, they’ve got a new project coming up, and from what I’ve seen, it will be incredible. As for me, I’m saving up for a gladiator fighting course so that I can finally confront that pesky fruit seller who refuses to give me decent bananas.