Adventurous over 50’s

A recent survey by Saga reveals the over 50’s as having a ‘voracious appetite for exploration’.  Saga has found that holidays in Latin America and the Caribbean, now attract over three times as many (+321) older travellers as a decade ago.

This trend for adventurous travel is definitely on the rise and why not? Travel opens up a world of opportunity and why should the gap year generation have all the fun.

It’s becomingly increasingly common for’s customers to ‘keep it in the family’. Quite often the son or daughter is off learning Spanish and surfing in Latin America whilst their ’empty nester’ parents decide that they also want a piece of the action and have booked a course to learn Italian in Sorrento, cook in Tuscany, speak French in Bordeaux or wine taste in Paris.

I just hope that when I’m over 50, I’ll still be taking myself off to learn new skills on a regular basis like one customer who admitted that he was over 50 and still didn’t know how to boil an egg so it was about time he took a cookery course, and a Septigenarian who took herself off to learn French before touring the vineyards of Bordeaux for 3 weeks.

When it comes to learning new skills and having fun on holiday, age is irrelevant, it’s attitude and these fabulous adventurous over 50’s have it in spades.