9 interesting facts about Thailand

Can you recognise this famous country? Below are 10 clues to help you guess.

I am an Asian country.

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I’m the only SE Asian country never ruled by Europeans.

Which mean my culture has less European influence than many of my neighbours.

Anna visited my former king.

And the story grew into a famous musical called The King and I.

The food here is spicy.

Or it can be extremely mild.

The Golden Triangle calls me home.

It overlaps the mountains between me and two of my neighbours.

You might ride a tuk-tuk here.

The name is onomatopoeic, as you ride, you’ll hear what we mean.

My silk and sapphires are famous.

We also export machinery and vehicle parts.

You can visit the bridge on River Kwai.

And watch a film about it.

Formerly, you may have known me as Siam.

Up until the 1930s and 1940s, this was still my official name.

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