What will you do with your 8 days?

From 2009, UK workers will be entitled to an extra 8 days of paid holiday per year taking the total holiday allowance up to 28 days.

According to the Trade and Industry Minister, “This extra time off will make a real difference in the lives of hard-working people – a proper rest from work and more time to spend with their families and friends”.

Employees are more productive if they are not overworked and it’s important that people take time off to forget about work but what if you find it hard to relax and unwind – especially with the thought of facing an inbox fit to burst on your return?

A good way to make that transition from office stress to a holiday relaxed state is to take a short holiday course at the start of your holiday to keep your mind and body active doing something totally different. Indulge a passion or ignite a passion for something new in the space and time your holiday affords – why not try learning a new language, a new water sport, take a cooking course or learn to dance and lose yourself in the music.

Everyone needs to take time out to relax and unwind so choose a holiday course that combines learning something with plenty of free time each day to kick back and enjoy your holiday letting you come back refreshed and revitalised ready to face that inbox.

So… where will you go and what will you do during those extra 8 days?