5 months with GoLearnTo.com

50 show

Passionate about travel, foreign cultures and languages, I was eager to learn more about the tourism industry during my studies in Germany. So what would be better than to do that in the country of origin for tourism? I thought an internship in London with a travel company would be perfect to provide me with some valuable skills for my further career and to refresh my language skills. Besides that, London is a great city to live for a few months! Excited about that, I started to search for travel companies on the internet. When I found the website of GoLearnTo.com, I wasn’t really sure anymore if I wanted to do an internship in London. I rather felt the desire to take the 5 months to go on all of the fantastic holidays GoLearnTo.com has on offer. I really was amazed about these special holidays that seemed to be so much more inspiring than the usual offers from travel companies. When I was offered the internship I couldn’t wait to start working with NotInTheGuideBooksand learn more about the idea behind it.

Coming from a small village in Germany, I survived changing on to Northern line at Bank station during rush hour, and made my way to the office. The team welcomed me with open arms and a cup of tea, of course. NotInTheGuideBookssurely holds the record in drinking tea! So after learning how to make English tea I was introduced to the day to day tasks of the company.

The team gave me responsibility straight away and I could work on my own projects independently. From updating the website with new videos and images over writing blog posts about the top cooking vacations in Italy to dealing with bookings and customer relations – no day in the office was like the other. Besides that I learned a lot about how important SEO and online marketing is and how excellent customer service can be performed. The highlight of my internship was the 50 + show in London, where I really enjoyed talking to people and encouraging them to enter our competition.

Sitting here on my last day in the office, I still can’t believe how fast these 5 months with NotInTheGuideBooksflew by. Looking back I am glad I had the opportunity to get an insight in a successful travel company. I have gained some valuable skills and learned a lot about stunning destinations and  holiday ideas that really get you off the tourist trail. Vanessa, Sally, Jane, Damien and Katy were all so welcoming and made me feel as part of the team from the moment I arrived. Thanks for such a great time!

After 5 months here in London I have to say I have missed only one thing – now as I head back to Germany I can’t wait to have a good slice of German bread!