2011 is the year of the holiday

After 2 years of cutting back on summer holidays, 2011 is set to be the year of the holiday with a whopping 92% of Brits saying they will take a holiday in 2011 according to a poll by YouGov.

54% say they will take 2 holidays in 2011 and there’s also an increase in the number of people chosing to travel abroad for their holidays rather than stay in the UK.

And in line with the trend for independently packaging your own holidays which is boosted by low cost flights, great hotel deals and inspiring activities, just 8% say they will book a package holiday in 2011.

And although there will be a lot of flying a flopping in 2011 as we look for a relaxing retreat from our day to day lives, there will also be a lot of learning going on the trend for learning holidays keeps on growing.

GoLearnTo.com have seen a significant rise in demand for cooking holidays with an increasing interest in specialist courses such as truffle hunting, pizza making and gelato courses. Another key trend in learning is the taste for creative holidays.  Often our creativity can be stifled during the 9-5 so a holiday is the perfect outlet for unleashing your creativity. Photography holiday, painting holidays and even jewellery making courses are flying off the website at the moment.

And its not just Brits that have bitten by the learning holidays bug. Australians, Scandinavians, the Irish and Canadians are all hot on the heels of the Brits with surfing holidays, photography, cooking and yoga holidays being the learning activities of choice in these markets.

Whatever your holiday activity of choice, the signs are good for the holiday industry and here’s looking forward to an exciting 2011.