Interning with GoLearnTo

After graduating from university and then spending some time abroad, I came home with no idea what I wanted to do career wise or what my next step would be.  So instead of jumping into a permanent job, I decided to gain some knowledge within the fields of work that interest me through internships in order to gain an understanding of the different industries.

After having spent what felt like hundreds of hours scouring the internet for an internship that I felt would both provide me valuable experience and that was also within a sector that I am interested in, I came across the internship with NotInTheGuideBooksadvertised on the    It seemed to offer exactly what I was looking for- an opportunity to get involved in a little bit of everything.  If you are interested in travel, keen to learn and enjoy drinking copious amounts of tea then this is a internship I would definitely recommend.

I was treated as part of the team from the moment I arrived and was greeted with a number of tasks to keep me busy.  I was given responsibility for a variety of tasks which I enjoyed as I felt that the work I was doing was worthwhile and actually contributing towards something instead of just being given tasks that no one else wanted to do.  I was given the freedom of managing tasks within my own time but with continued support from the team if I had any queries.

Vanessa took the time to give me an overview of online marketing and the different SEO techniques and before I knew it I was putting these into practise. A key project I was responsible for was sourcing new photographs from international suppliers and updating their webpages with the photographs that best represented their courses. As I have a keen interest in photography this was something that I really enjoyed.  Additionally I worked on updating and improving the NotInTheGuideBooksYouTube channel, sourcing videos from suppliers, editing them if necessary and adding them to our website and YouTube channel.  As I hadn’t previously worked with editing videos or managing a YouTube channel, I enjoyed this challenge.

So I would like to thank the NotInTheGuideBooksteam for an interesting, informative and overall an enjoyable experience.  I feel like I now have more confidence in my abilities and that I have gained a number of transferable skills as well as an invaluable insight into the workings of a small, quickly growing business. I am happy that I got the chance to intern at GoLearnTo, as I feel that I gained a lot more than I would have interning within a large cooperation.

So thanks again team and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

P.S. I hope you continue winning the pub quiz without my expert knowledge of bad music and plasticine moulding skills, but somehow with Sarah and Jane’s music taste and Vanessa’s amazing miniature moulding creations I’m sure you will be fine!
(That’s me with the winning bottle of champagne from the pub quiz!)