Thonburi Street Food


Explore Talat Phlu and experience the best food Bangkok has to offer with the help of a local guide.

Meet your guide at BTS Wuttakat skytrain station and head to Thonburi district.  You will be visit the temples of King Taskin before reaching Talat Phlu and walking along the canal through the old community of Thai-Chinese people for a delicious dinner created by the many street vendors.


Experience the local transportation by Rod Krapong that the local people use to get back to BTS Wuttakat.


This street food tour gives you an authentic taste of the local community and supports local food vendors.

Highlights of the Trip


  • Visit Thonburi on the other side of the Bangkok river.
  • Walk through Talat Phlu and taste typical dishes of Bangkok.
  • Guided through Rod Krapong, the local transportation


What's Included


  • Pick 4 dishes followed by tea and dessert
  • English speaking guide
  • Local transportation fees

What's Not Included


  • Round trip transportation to the meeting point

Location Information

Meet at BTS Wuttakat Skytrain station, Exit number 4 (at the end of the walkway)

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