Bangkok Street Food Experience


Explore Talat Phlu and experience the best food Bangkok has to offer with the help of a local guide.

Meet your guide at BTS Wuttakat skytrain station and head to Thonburi district.  Take to the streets of THONBURI to discover more of the best food Bangkok has to offer with the help of a local guide. Explore the area’s major attractions, including Wat Intharam where you can learn about THONBURI, the previous capital and sample an assortment of delectable Thai dishes. You will visit the temples of King Taskin before reaching Talat Phlu and walking along the canal through the old community of Thai-Chinese people for a delicious dinner created by the many street vendors with your local guide selecting the very best dishes to sample.

Experience the local transportation by Rod Krapong that the local people use to get back to BTS Wuttakat.

This street food tour gives you an authentic taste of the local community and supports local food vendors.

Highlights of the Trip

  • Visit Thonburi on the other side of the Bangkok river.
  • Walk through Talat Phlu and taste typical dishes of Bangkok.
  • Guided through Rod Krapong, the local transportation
  • Highlight attractions at THONBURI side.

We will introduce the short brief about the history of Thonburi by visit attractions in TALAT PHLU area. Such as WAT INTHARAM (King Taksin Temple).


  • Walking through Thai-Chinese community along the canal.

We will walk thru Talat Phlu area where was the famous market of Thonburi side in the past. Along the way, you can see the historic building of people who keep living in this area.


  • ROD KRAPONG Experience

Rod Krapong is local transportation that local people have been taken for the short distance.


  • Bangkokian favourited dishes and dessert that you would never try before.

We pick the most famous of 4 dishes (such as Chrispy Fried Noodle, the royal cuisine, Wonton with TOM YUM soup, BBQ pork rice, local spring rolls to present you including dessert. (Pls note that all the foods are not fixed menus, it’s could be changed depending on the availability of food vendors)

What's Included

  • Pick 4 dishes followed by tea and dessert
  • English speaking guide
  • Local transportation fees

What's Not Included

  • Round trip transportation to the meeting point

Location Information

Meet at BTS Wuttakat Skytrain station, Exit number 4 (at the end of the walkway)

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  1. Sandra

    Saturday 14th December, 2019
    We arrived in Bangkok in the afternoon and 4hrs later we were walking the Bangkok streets with JoJo enjoying the delights of Bangkok Chinatown food vendors Brilliant evening and delicious foods - my advice to anyone arriving on Bangkok or any city as we do now arriving in a new country/city. Do a food walking tour! It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with the local culture and food We love food walking tours!

  2. Jean-Christophe

    Monday 1st April, 2019
    Super great tour with Thanawut. Very friendly and helpful to accommodate our family's expectation and own taste. The hidden rooftop bar definitely worths the visit. I strongly recommend the tour. Somehow like visiting Chinatown by night with a good friend. Very nice experience.

  3. Toni

    Tuesday 19th March, 2019
    This small private tour with a local guide was exactly what we were looking for! Highly recommended. Felt very authentic and we hit a few local gems that seemingly had very few tourists but were packed with locals - a good sign. The street food we tried along the way was very good and the local guide was knowledgeable and fun!

  4. Sophie

    Wednesday 23rd January, 2019
    We made several stops to sample favourites such as Pad Thai and noodles, soups and ended with a delicious coconut dessert. We even took a tuk tuk ride, toured a Chinese temple and visited a hotel rooftop on the river with beautiful views of Bangkok. I highly recommend SiamRise travel for these tours when your travels take you to Bangkok!