Kayaking in Sri Lana National Park

From £91 pp

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Full Day

Private Tour of minimum 2

Kayaking in Sri Lana National Park

From £91 pp

What You'll Do

A full day outdoors exploring Sri Lanna National Park. The park is one of the top ten largest national parks in Thailand and is home to numerous waterfalls, caves, and springs. In this tour we’ll get to visit the Sticky Waterfalls, Rainbow Fountain, Mae Ngat Dam, and more.

Located 60 kilometres north of Chiang Mai, the Mae Ngat Reservoir spans 18 kilometres through Sirilanna National Park. For the casual kayaker, a delightful 14-kilometre round trip is in store, featuring stunning views of lush jungle and calm, glassy open waters. Setting off from the west and under typically windless conditions, you will paddle your way towards a cluster of floating houseboats, taking your time as you drink in the panoramic views offered to you by the open nature of the lake. A floating restaurant awaits you, offering a delicious, authentic local food and a cold drink.

While some may opt to explore the bay, others may take a dip from the diving tower. After a playful day at the lake, we made our way back to the kayak takeout, taking in the breathtaking sights of the Mae Ngat Valley and Sirilanna National Park en route.  After a well-deserved break we head off to an extraordinary natural wonder, a sediment waterfall with a unique property that allows for a nearly vertical ascent and descent. As you climb and descend the waterfall, you’ll be amazed by the stickiness of the sediment, which provides a firm grip for your hands and feet. After exploring the “Rainbow Fountain”, the multicoloured spring that feeds the waterfall, we rest up and ready for our journey back to Chiang Mai.


Climb the beautiful 'sticky waterfall' one of the most unique attractions in the park

Discover the multicoloured Jedsee Fountain, the source of the waterfalls

Relax and kayak lazily upon rivers and reservoirs that offer views of lush jungles and dramatic hillsides

Your Local Host:


I have spent many years travelling through Thailand and have made many lasting memories and friendships. The region is rich in natural beauty and culture and offers one of the greatest culinary kitchens in the world. Many years have passed and I still think that the people are everything and I'm still surprised at the hospitality and friendliness. Working in travel is a passion for me and I enjoy helping our customers to enjoy all the best that Thailand has to offer.

Location Information

You’ll be picked up in Chiang Mai and taken out into the beautiful Sri Lana National Park. From there, explore numerous sites including waterfalls, stunning caves and springs, before being returned to your pick up point in Chiang Mai.

  • All drinking water
  • Lunch
  • Kayak and safety equipment
  • Kayak instructor
  • Transfers to and from the national park