Eco Whale Watching Experience


On this unique eco tour, you'll head out to one of the island's best spotting areas, guided by an expert marine biologist and equipped with a state of the art hydrophone that's used to listen to the sounds of the marine life. You'll get a once-in-a-lifetime insight into how these magnificent mammals interact and communicate.

You’ll depart from Puerto Colón at the time scheduled. You’ll then head to deeper waters where you’ll receive a brief explanation on the fauna that we can find and what our way of observation will be, the characteristics of the animal behaviour that we find (sea birds, short-finned pilot whales, dolphins, whales…) as well as the coast’s characteristics and ocean currents.

You will then have the chance to listen to the sounds of the cetaceans and understand more about their communication skills. This is a personalised tour where you can choose from the multiple options of routes and anchorages available. You’ll then take a refreshment and personalised catering. You’ll also have the opportunity to take a swim in one of the most incredible places on the Canary Islands. Once again we will leave for Puerto Colon where your experience will end.

More info: Taking off your shoes will be required before coming on-board. Your footwear will kept safely by the crew.

The boat “El Papacho 2” is an exceptionally stable boat, but if you suffer from seasickness during this kind of trips, we strongly recommend you to take some pills in order to fight back the symptoms of seasickness. Exposure to the sun should be considered, in that manner we suggest our visitors have a UVA filter sun cream with them or any other protection against the sun’s rays.

Highlights of the Trip

  • Whale watching in Tenerife as never seen before
  • You’ll be on board of “Papacho 2” (a comfortable semi-rigid nine-metre boat). Explore the diversity of turtles, sea birds and cetaceans Guided by a Professional Biologist.
  • Private tour – maximum 10 visitors.
  • Unique tour equipped with a sound system and an Hydrophone to listen to the marine life. First whale listening in Tenerife.
  • Get a unique insight intoAnimal Behaviour and conservation.

What's Included

  • Customised visit guided by a biologist
  • Whale-watching and listening
  • Soft drinks (champagne, red and white wine are included)
  • Personalised catering service adapted to your requirements
  • Snorkeling masks for swimming under the Gigantes cliff
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  1. Eleanor

    Sunday 12th May, 2019
    This is a must do if you're visiting Tenerife. They are so knowledgeable and really have the interests of the animals at heart. We saw dolphins and whales and even got to listen to them communicating with one another. After the whale watching you stop for lunch and have the opportunity to go for a swim in a beautiful spot.

  2. Jules

    Saturday 20th April, 2019
    An excellent tour to spot animals in the wild without disturbing them. We were provided with lots of interesting information and saw dolphins and pilot whales. The tour guides really care about nature and the animals and we also felt very well taken care of. They use a smaller boat than other commercial companies which gives you the impression of being on a private tour. I can fully recommend it!

  3. Christian

    Saturday 13th April, 2019
    Very friendly and accommodating staff: Antonio and the captain. Small boat with small group makes for a tailored and personal experience. They are clearly very knowledgeable and experienced and show a huge amount of passion for their profession (picked up plastic during the trip). I'm a biologist myself and learned many new things! On the trip we saw a very rare and huge off shore Bryde's whale with small calf, 2 loggerhead turtles and a good number of short-finned pilot whales. Amazing experience, highly recommended! Will do this trip again next time we're here.