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Sustainable, responsible, and eco-friendly

From coastal communities to mountain villages. From bustling city pavements to hidden paths through a rain forest. Over the last century, travel has brought people together from across the globe. Done properly, it is a fantastic opportunity for both host and traveller to learn, grow, and experience the world from a new perspective.

Not In The Guidebooks was created to champion travel done properly. No big group tours, no impersonal visits to typical tourist-traps, no disregard for your potential impact. Simply authentic, local experiences that get you off the beaten track, helping you create deep and meaningful connections with new people, places, and cultures.

Every experience that we offer is carefully selected, and considered against three criteria: is it sustainable, responsible, and eco-friendly? If it doesn’t fulfill all three, we don’t offer it. Simple. This is our commitment to you, and our way of making sure that with every trip you go on, you’re helping to build a better and brighter future. For the communities you visit, and for the world as a whole.


To us, sustainable tourism means building deep and personal relationships with the most amazing communities across the world. We work with local stakeholders, community leaders, and governments to discover how we can best fit into and support their plans for the future. In this way, we ensure every trip contributes to their goals in a long-term and sustainable way. For their benefit, not ours.


Everyone has the ability to be a responsible traveller – we just poke you in the right direction. We carefully select each of our experiences to help you really get under the skin of every new community and location you visit. So you can learn, discover, grow, and know that you’ll be having a positive impact, wherever you go.


The climate is in crisis. We believe that travel – done properly – can go a long way to mitigate that. We work with our partners to ensure that every one of our experiences has a net positive environmental impact. We help you immerse yourself in the natural world so you can learn about the planet we need to be saving, and discover local communities who depend on it to survive.

What this means to you

The chance to make a difference: Every one of our experiences put the power in your hands, giving you the chance to have a tangible positive impact. From meeting local community leaders to supporting local businesses, travelling with us means you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Travel Authentic, Travel Local: No added colours, flavourings, or preservatives here. Travelling with us means you can experience a location as it really is, meeting local people and getting right to the heart of what makes it so special.

Travel at ease: When you book an experience with us, you’re travelling with an organisation that works tirelessly to make the world a better place through the power of local travel done properly. So sit back, relax, and go with the knowledge that you’ve done some good before you’ve even stepped out of the house.