Cook like a local in Galle


Learn to prepare a delicious and traditional meal with a Galle based host Shahira whose expertise in cooking has brought her much fame in the area. Whether it’s a Biryani, a Seafood feast or hot hot hoppers with accompaniments, she will take you through an unforgettable culinary journey.

Enter the spacious and beautiful kitchen of Mrs Shahira Mahuroof to discover the flavours and techniques of Southern Sri Lankan cooking.  You will learn the traditional and intricate methods used to prepare Biryani, Hoppers that are a national dish and local curries with chicken and seafood.

Shahira shares recipes and kitchen techniques that have been passed down from generations before her.  She takes you step by step through the preparation of each course with everybody actively involved.  This is not something you watch but you do together.

Sri Lanka has had a lot of influence from India when the kings would bring their wives from Southern India.  There is also an influence on the cuisine from the different groups of people and cultures who have settled on the island.  But from all of this has evolved a cuisine unique to Sri lanka. Dishes have been adapted to the vegetation that grows locally and draws heavily on the traditional agricultural society, the spice-heavy South Indian cuisine, as well as certain flavours from North India, Muslim influences coming from North Africa and the Levant, Javanese cooking traditions from the Malay Archipelago.  In adition the flavours from Portugal, and the Netherlands have been used and adapted, and to a lesser degree even the hunter-gatherer diet of our aboriginal population- the Veddhas.

The Biryani is from the Moor (muslim) communities of Sri Lanka using rich and tender meat and pickled condiments alongside.

Hoppers came from Southern India and are now known as a national dish in Sri Lanka. They are bowl-shaped pancakes prepared from fermented rice flour. They are served at all meals but commonly at Breakfast with eggs.. along with a fiery chilli and onion based condiment

Shahira is an amazing cook, but more than that an engaging teacher and a great storyteller.  She is a fourth generation resident of  Galle . This is a really authentic local experience where you will get to learn to create the dishes, and then and sit  and savour the mouthwatering home cooked meal that you helped cook.

What's Included

• Learning to cook traditional Ceylon dishes.
• Enjoying lunch with the local family.
• Getting to know the stories of the host and her dishes.

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