Working holidays – trendy and productive or sign of a closet workaholic?

workaholic horse riding holiday working vacation Spain Andalucia ranch work

The phenomenon of a ‘working holiday’ has never been so popular. People are spending their hard earned cash to save up, board a plane and (you heard me) work some more. Working holidays have always been popular amongst gap year students searching for global travel on the cheap. Now, they have become ever-more fashionable and it’s not just those on a budget that are choosing this fashionable way of seeing the world.

So, what’s in it for you? Sometimes, you get paid for your work, but rarely is this enough to fully cover the expense of the trip. More often, you are paid in accommodation and food, in return for your services, giving you the chance to spend longer periods of time abroad without the hefty price tag.

For some, the idea of lounging around the pool all day isn’t enough to get them chomping at the bit to up sticks and get away. This is (quite literally) the case for those who take part in our horse riding working holiday in Andalucia.

Enjoy the outdoors, learn valuable skills and receive free full board for a fraction of the price paid by non-working guests. In return for your help taking care of the horses, you’ll receive free riding lessons and get to come home with a sense of achievement, as well as a killer tan.

Do you love keeping yourself busy? If so, check out our Spanish horse-riding working holiday.

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