Meet Sarah, our horse riding holiday tutor in Andalucia, Spain

In 1993, Sarah set up a riding centre in the beautiful Andalucia region of Spain and has never looked back.

For anyone looking for a different way to explore this Spanish landscape, the school’s 25 well-trained horses and trails for all abilities are the perfect fit. Sarah also shared where her passion started and her favourite horses below:

When did you first try horse riding?

I was probably about 7 years old when I first tried horse riding and I absolutely loved it. I used to cycle 15 kilometres to my friend’s house to muck out her pony each weekend just in the hope that she’d then let me ride it!

Where’s the best place you’ve ever gone horse riding?

It’s definitely the Sierra Nevada National Park where we take our guests! There’s so much to explore and it’s beautiful!

Why are the Alpujarras so good for horse trekking?

Where we are is perfect for trekking as it hardly ever rains. There’s roughly over 300 days of sunshine on average each year… not many places can do better than that! The scenery is stunning with amazing views of the mountains, tiny towns, the sea in the distance and even the mountains of Africa on a clear day.

What’s your favourite trek?

I particularly enjoy the trek up to Tello Waterfalls, on the Ibex trail. We take nearly all of our guests up here on the last day of their treks. I love the Lanjaron river gorge — it’s really breathtaking!

Do you have a favourite horse?

I love them all. – I can’t just pick one!

We have mostly purebred Andalucians (PRE’s). The Andalucian reigned for several centuries throughout the known world as the “embodiment of perfection in horseflesh.”

There is hardly a breed in existence that has not felt the dynamic impact of its influence and been greatly enhanced. They are amazing to ride; bold and enthusiastic.

I do also have a soft spot for Arabs and I often ride a black arab called Chilli. I enjoy their speed and stamina. Both breeds have super endurance and are very surefooted.

What are your top tips for people coming trekking with you?

I highly recommend cleaning your riding boots and wearing them during your journey so that you save space in your luggage. Also, put your riding hat in your hand luggage just in case your main bag gets lost on the way – at least this way you’ll still have you hat!

If you’re interested in joining Sarah in Andalucia, you can check out anything from her weekend horse riding break to a week-long trekking holiday or even a two or three-week working holiday, where you can work and play on a budget.