Guest review: Federico goes from zero to hero on his horse riding holiday in Majorca

After a lasting memory of childhood disappointment and regret, when Federico came across our horse riding holiday in Majorca for beginners, he knew this was a holiday he needed to take.

Federico, 33, and his partner Marco, 36, took their love for the Spanish isles to the sunny island of Majorca this summer. And their to-do list there was simple – learn a new skill, hit the beach and spend some time surrounded by nature.

But would horse riding be for them? Did doing something different on holiday live up to their expectations?

We caught up with Federico on his return from Majorca to find out if they would be in the saddle again anytime soon…

First of all, what made you choose a horse riding holiday in Majorca?

Personally, I’ve always been drawn to the idea of horse riding. I missed the opportunity to ride a horse when I was a child and it is something I have always regretted.

We are also both huge animal lovers and love spending time in nature. When we go on holiday we usually go for something by the beach and this location meant we could visit some of Majorca too.

Finally, I like a challenge ;-) Being active on holiday is quite important to me and combining that with learning to ride a horse was a bonus.

So were you both beginner riders before the holiday?

Yes. Zero experience for both of us.

Who else did you meet on the holiday?

horse rider enjoys breakfast in Majorca

Marco enjoying breakfast

Well, it was actually just us and the instructor during the lessons. I think this was probably because we were both adults at beginner level. The other adults riding there seemed to have more experience so they were in different groups, and then, of course, the children were in another.

We were there in high season so the equestrian centre was quite lively in the day and at night. Not everyone there was doing the full programme like us and there was a good range of people. I would say all ages from kids to people in their 70’s.

As it was our holiday, we did spend most of the time together but I noticed there were people there from all over. A single woman from Sweden, a group and families from Portugal, Spain and Germany. It was a nice atmosphere.

What was your typical day like?

On some days we had two lessons or lesson and trek. Because we were beginners, our first lesson was in the ring where we learnt how to mount, command and turn the horse. This was obviously after we had brushed the horse and put on the saddle, bit, etc. I loved that part!

There were a couple of days when we only had one lesson in the morning and the rest of the day free. This meant that we were able to get out and explore the island or just relax by the onsite pool.

The swimming pool was lovely and had an amazing view of the countryside.

horse riding guest relaxes by pool on holiday

Federico relaxing by the pool

Did you travel around Majorca much?

We rented a car, which I highly recommend, so we would head out to the beaches on the south-east of the island when we could.

The equestrian centre would make us a packed lunch to take with us so we didn’t need to hang around between meals and lessons.

What was the highlight of your trip?

Definitely riding for the first time. At least for me anyway.

Trekking in the countryside and nature was gorgeous. I’d never seen landscape like it. We loved the treks as it meant we could the island in a way that not many others do.

How did your horse riding skills improve during your stay?

I must admit that we had our ups and downs. Especially on the last day as we were both quite tired.

But we both now know how to walk and trot. That’s with guidance but remember that we had never ridden before.

We also learnt the basics like how to turn, handle a horse, how to prepare the horses and dress them down. We are definitely more confident around horses now.

What was the food like? I hear they make their own wine there…

Yes, they do and the vineyards are right there at the centre. They’re really good. Delicious in fact.

We tried red, white and rose. They were all fruity and light plus the red wasn’t too heavy.

I would say the food was a mix of international and local cuisine. It’s made with fresh produce so was tasty. I was so keen on the desserts though but that’s just my opinion.

vineyards at equestrian centre in Majorca

The vineyards were they produce their own wine

What did you think of your hosts and riding instructors?

Everyone was great – very nice and helpful. The instructors were excellent and most people at the centre were multilingual.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing this holiday?

You’ll get a list of what to take with you – read it carefully! Make sure you have the right trousers and shoes. Don’t think just your trainers will be fine ;-)

Also, think about how you might spend your free time. The equestrian centre is quite isolated so we really suggest getting a car.

Overall, it was magical. I would definitely recommend it. Horse riding needs work and commitment so you have to be motivated but it’s worth it.

Perfect for anyone who loves nature, animals and being active.

Have you ever ridden a horse? What was your first experience like?

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