While it’s easy to read about a surf holiday on its various itinerary, overview, and about pages, hearing about one first-hand always gives you insights a webpage simply cannot. That’s why we chatted with Amy about her experience on a surf and yoga holiday in Fuerteventura — she clued us in on what travelling to a bustling surf town is really like:

Was this your first solo trip? Why did you choose to go alone?

I have travelled alone on several organised trips, where you are with a group for the duration of your holiday, participating in everything together, and having everything taken care of for you.

For this holiday, my accommodation, lessons, and transfers were planned for me, but it was the first time I was not part of a tour group like that. While different, I never felt alone (nor lonely for that matter!). The hostel was connected with the surf school, so over the week, you would see familiar faces in your lessons, or at your accommodation.  

The moment I arrived, I checked in to the school, and figured I would get settled in my room, charge my phone, and relax for a bit. But that changed as soon my roommate for the week — a wonderful woman of 50 who couldn’t wait to surf, get out, and explore — arrived.

We ended up going out for dinner that night, and spent a lot of time together during the week… having her company was perfect. Although we had different interests (she ended going out a lot with the 20-something lads, while I headed to bed around 11pm after days of crashing into the waves), there was never pressure to do anything — only an offer to join some company if you were up to it.

This trip made me realise that the better the mix of ages, the better the trip — someone will always have a common interest or be on your wavelength.

What were the surf instructors like?

I’ll be honest: the first day I wasn’t that into my teacher. The good thing is you get several teachers throughout the week, and one of them will definitely hit a great chord with you.

Each teacher has their own vibe and techniques, which I find is a good thing. My favourite teacher instructed us on the last day, and put me (a complete beginner) right at ease. Though to be fair, I never felt intimidated or pressured by any teacher — everyone was positive, laid back and encouraging.

They like to see you stand up on the board (they say it’s the best part!), but I was more than happy on my body board, just enjoying every moment of being out there. 

What were the highlights of the holiday?

The best part was surprisingly the food! I hadn’t set expectations (as it is not included in the holiday package, I hadn’t considered it), but all of it was just amazing.

Anywhere we went had loads of options, and it was refreshingly affordable. You can have any diet or budget and be content.

Some of my most memorable meals: an amazing steak house nearby and a restaurant on the beach where I watched my fresh caught sea bass engulfed in flames and charcoal-cooked to perfection right in front of me.

What is Corralejo like?

Corralejo is great and convenient, but there are two sides of it — the streets are touristy and geared toward the British (think Benidorm), while true Spanish life requires a walk along the beach. At the end of the sand the town’s beachfront restaurants, bars, and scenery reminds you you’re not in England anymore.

Do you plan on doing another solo trip in the future?

Absolutely! Though I would approach it differently, and go for hostel accommodation, because I loved how easy it made it to meet others with similar interests.  

Also, now that I know everything on offer in the area, I would look for a holiday with only a few activities or with add-ons. That way, I could take each day as it comes and try out some other watersports, which were available in abundance!  But, this holiday was a great way to meet people, and I want that same convenience in the future.

What did you learn?

Never feel ridiculous while learning to surf — the waves may wipe you out and blind you momentarily, but everyone else is equally as stunned, and absolutely no one can see how ridiculous each other looks.

I have also learnt through this experience that I need to take more time out for myself, work less and reduce my stress… and, of course, travel more.