Best surf spots in France

Surfing holidays are fun, refreshing and exciting. Plus you get to be out in the sun, on the beach and in the sea. What more could you want?

Kelly Slater, the famous American professional surfer, once said: “The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport”

France is a great place to go for a surfing holiday. Along the coast you can find many spots that are ideal for surfing. Biarritz, in the southwest, with its beautiful surrounding beaches, is popular with surfers and those who want to become it. Also in the Bordeaux region you will be able to find great surfing spots. Le Pin Sec is one of them. Another very popular spot is Hossegor, which is known as one of the best beach breaks in the world.

surf2The Mediterranean coast in the south east is less popular with surfers as there are not many beaches that are suitable for surfing. There is also the coast in the north, which again is not very popular with surfers as it doesn’t really offer good surfing conditions. The Atlantic coast is really where the surf action happens; the surf is the most consistent and the further south you go the warmer the water gets, so surf holidays in the southwest are ideal.

The best time to surf is from August through to November as there is the most consistency. In summer, from June to August, there will be smaller waves and less consistency, which is ideal for beginners to learn how to surf. In general winter is very consistent and in summer the conditions are inconsistent and the beaches tend to be quite crowded.


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