My day learning to fight like a gladiator in Rome

Gladiator combat lessons in RomeGladiator museum visit during gladiator course in Rome

Read a ‘would-be gladiator’s’ account of a day spent learning Roman gladiator combat techniques in Rome…

“My son and I attended Gladiator school in Rome last week. It really does have the feel of a military camp – the attention to detail is excellent. My 11 year old son was enthralled from the moment he set eyes on it all and he knows his ancient Rome.

There were only the two of us but this did not stop us from having a great time. The little museum was stuffed full of interesting things and we were given a very informative talk about it all. My son was able to try on helmets and heft swords. He was on Mount Olympus!

We then dressed appropriately in tunicae and began our training with a warm up. Our tutor, Pietro, showed us the basic moves and put us through our paces with lots of encouragement.

We had mock battles all over the arena. Thirsty work. After a short break – we were able to use the iron helmets, swords and shields for a short while – they’re very heavy. And as a finale the retiarus came out to attack us. My son was able to have a go at wielding the net and trident himself.

It was the best day of the holiday. He could have stayed there all day. The staff we very friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful time and if ever in Rome again will definitely go back.

We found the place without too much trouble (there are signs at the bottom of the lane) arriving by taxi and leaving by bus.

It’s a great activity for children and adults and probably one of the best my son has ever participated in.

Big thanks to Pietro and Irena for a wonderful couple of hours’ escapism. We have already been practising with our rudii since we came home.

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