The best solo holiday – highlight of six months travelling

Horse_riding_holiday_Morocco_beach__Meet Joanne Fanning from America. This year she decided to spend six months travelling solo around Europe and beyond. She based herself in Austria and began her adventure.

Six months later, after multiple flights, trains, countries, foods, experiences and cultures – what was the highlight?
Our horse riding adventure holiday in Morocco.

On this holiday you stay 3 nights in a luxury boutique Riad in Essaouira followed by 3 nights camping out as you explore Morocco with meals included from £797 per person.

“I travelled for 6 months all over Europe and had the most wonderful experiences, but this trip was the absolute highlight,” she said.

“You made it all very easy.  After months of traveling and trying to arrange all of the details of each leg of the journey it was so relaxing to have you arrange everything.  Perhaps especially when traveling as a woman alone into third world countries.  This was not my first time doing this but your company making these arrangements for me gave me such a wonderful sense of relaxation around it all.Horse_riding_holiday_Morocco_camel_sunset

Why horse riding?
In my adult life I’ve been riding for about 30 years. In the last 10 years I haven’t had horses so I go on horse vacations. I go riding wherever I go on vacation. I lived in the UK for 7 months and rode in wales, Scotland, Italy. I rode in Tunisia, I’ve ridden in NZ, Canada and US.

Morocco was a highlight. It’s the best ride I’ve ever done.

What about the other people on the holiday?
I had the most magical experience from the people that I met. When you connect with people it’s a huge part of it. The others on the ride were women, they were really interesting and they’ve become good friends now. One was a school teacher in Switzerland, she was a jazz musician – she was fantastic. The other was a woman from Germany, she is a graphic designer and had such a great sense of humour – we had such an amazing time together and we’re still talking about it.

And the Moroccan people are soHorse_riding_holiday_Morocco_Lune_etoile_Riad__ lovely and friendly and open.

How was the trek?
The horse ride was incredible.  Excellent, appropriate and healthy horses that are well cared for and wonderful staff. It was superb actually, and I would recommend this as one of the best rides there is and I have ridden everywhere.  They were exceptional in every way.  Their care and attention to riders and horses, as well as environment.  The guide spoke perfect English and was extremely good hearted, intelligent and informative.

I thought camping in the desert would be rough and was prepared for this but it was more luxury and after travelling for a long time it was great to go to a peaceful place before I had to go back to work.

The tents were lovely and they create a very bright, inviting and exotic atmosphere that reflects the culture. The beaches are miles long and there’s not one person on them. I completely trusted my horse, it was so exciting and so wonderful.

So you’d recommend it to others?

Abosultely. When first booking this trip I thought it was a little expensive for my budget but in the end with everything included and the peace of mind I had every step of the way, I thought it was all very worthwhile and a great ‘deal’ financially.Horse_riding_holiday_Morocco_stunning

I think that both you and the horse riding school are doing a most excellent job and I am highly recommending your service to others.  Thank you for such a memorable and incredible experience!

Check out our horse riding adventure in Morocco for yourself