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Sports Activities and Sporting Events Our sport activities are a brilliant way to explore and see more of the destination you’re in, while embarking in exciting adventures – be it on sea, land, horse, foot, you name it! What you can expect from our sport activities? We’ve selected the best sports events and activities that offer so much more than the sport itself. They’ll take you to the best spots and you’ll get a real taste of local life, without missing out on any of the action along the way. What type of sport activities do we offer? Whispering Pines Horse Riding Adventures Enjoy horseback riding through the secluded Orangekloof Nature Reserve in Hout Bay. Explore and see more of this beautiful destination on horseback. Orangekloof is a secluded Nature Reserve and you’ll have special permissions to access it. It’s a totally accessible nature experience, meaning both those who have never ridden a horse before or those born in the saddle can enjoy it and explore at a pace you are comfortable with. You’re guaranteed breath-taking views and an hour or two of wonderful calmness away from the bustle of the city. Historical Urban City Run, Cape Town, South Africa Take part in a fun urban run through the streets of Cape Town, visiting historical landmarks and significant areas. You will zip through secret back streets and stop at fascinating historical sites that formed the amazing cultural heritage in Cape Town. If skipping the tourist crowds and zipping past them is your game, then join this awesome adventure to see some of the best-hidden spots and streets. Discover Bondi, Sydney, Australia This day tour is full to the brim of adventure and activity, in Sydney’s most eclectic suburb. Your local guide will show you all the best bits of the beach suburb of Bondi and the fun won’t stop from start until finish. You’ll start with a walking tour and learn about the history of the area before quite literally diving in head first as you take part in a two-hour surfing lesson with tuition from some of Bondi’s most experienced surfers. Following this, you can enjoy a well-deserved lunch at the local RSL (Returned and Service League) Club, before finishing the day with a two-hour guided coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee, basking in some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches and coastline. Why should you try these activities? Sometimes, zipping through a city or riding horseback is a much more fun way to explore. For the energetic, intrigued and go-getters. Feeling restless? Take a trip with us!