Kayaking In Seville


How about combining an outdoors activity with sightseeing? Get on board a kayak and discover the city from a different perspective. Seville's sunshine as well a warm weather allow us to enjoy this activity throughout the year. In a hot summer day it helps to refresh a bit and in a warm winter day it's a great way to get tanned.

This refreshing 2-hour tour in Seville combines sport with sightseeing. Get on board a kayak and discover the city from a different perspective. You can admire Seville’s many beautiful bridges, the architecture, and the city life from the waters of the River Guadalquivir.

You will pass by Triana Bridge built by students of Eifel, see the riverside of Seville with its green space, and pass by people sunbathing, cycling, reading, and taking a stroll. Hear about the story of Seville from the arrival of the Phoenician and Romans to the celebration of regattas in modern times.

Discover the history and learn about the role of the river as a means of transport and a separation between different neighbourhoods, to the extent of dividing the city into 2 separate identities. You will also hear stories and news about the environmental issues in the recent years and the transformation of the river and its course due to the 1992 World Exhibition.

Highlights of the Trip

Enjoy a fresh approach to Seville’s landmarks and skyline

Combine a sightseeing tour with an easy-going kayaking experience

Enjoy nature and the city at the same time

Glide through the turquoise waters of the Guadalquivir river

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Insider tips

What's Not Included

  • Gratuities (optional)

Other Information

Departure Details

Club Deportivo RemoSevilla.

Language EN,ES

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  1. Faith

    Monday 10th December, 2018
    We had a fantastic time with our guide, who knew all about the history of the sights along the river and flavoured the info with his own perceptions which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were initially concerned we would have difficulty finding the location (reviews of other kayak rental facilities warned readers) but it was super easy. Our guide was waiting for us when we arrived, showed us the facilities and off we went. It was great to hear his enthusiastic comments about Sevilla and suggestions for other things to see. We were very pleased with our lovely kayaking morning on the Guadalquivir.